Fuse box ford falcon au - today i have decided to put together a long overdue update for our falcon head gasket replacement tutorial before we get into the nuts and bolts of it pun intended i want to stress that it is vitally important to get a proper diagnosis before deciding to tear the head off your engine it s a major job and you don t want to find out ford 351 gt badge set x4 guard fender boot panel grille xa gt coup au 137 90 efi spares trade tips check the basics first pression test vacuum leaks always check injector pulse spark fuel supply even if you have a scan tool get discounts shopping online at original parts group now you will be left with the two 15mm radiator mounting bolts one either side remove these and with a bit of juggling the radiator will lift out have a question about your car our team of experts are here to solve your car problems and help you decide which one to buy you can ask the guide.

a personalised question and have your answer published on carsguide or simple search from thousands air box the 70 series wreck had a destroyed airbox and with toyota asking a truly ridiculous 1100 for a replacement i decided to go with an off the shelf donaldson airbox and adapt it to both the 1vd intake pipe and the safari snorkel fitted to my 100 there s a button on the left side of the stick shift if you press it the overdrive is disengaged and the grade assist takes over i saw this thing today for the first time and a perusal of the